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At Installer Technology Co our objective is to match the right software offer to the right user. We help end users find new and interesting applications and we provide extra income for software developers, software advertisers and web publishers. Free software no longer means no income to the developer. Each time an end user installs your software our installer backend will dynamically pick the best offer based on a proprietary algorithm to ensure the most revenue per install.

These choices are presented to users using a non-intrusive 100% opt-in delivery system. The delivery medium is a proprietary InstallerTech software installer program or the software developer's own... More

  • Increase Revenue

    Include our products simply by adding a few lines of code to your installation system. The easiest way to earn substantial profit from free applications.

  • Increase Distribution

    Advertise your application with targeting down to a granular level of geo, OS, browser, and even further into application specific preferences. Increase your distribution by as many as 1.5 million quality installs per month.


Call of Atlantis

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Installer Technology Co provides software advertising solutions as a Tier 1 provider. Many times offers are accepted only on an exclusive basis allowing the InstallerTech platform to provide outstanding monetization for software developers.

Our vision is to be the leader in app distribution so our focus expanded from desktop app distribution and monetization solutions to now encompass solutions for mobile apps using the experience and technology we developed and optimized for desktop apps. By building strong app networks we continue to enable users to download useful applications for free providing the developer sustaining revenue and the advertiser cost-effective user acquisition.

Installer Technology Co differs from other platforms due to our roots in software development, our team provides cutting edge technology and great Value Added software for the end user in a capacity that is not matched industry wide.


Software developers can now earn a strong anciallary revenue without having to resort to charging their users.

InstallerTech offers a non-intrusive 100% opt-in delivery system. The delivery medium, Installer Technology Co's proprietary installer, sets the gold standard for a low friction install to the end user and top monetization for the developer.

Software developers also have the option of supplementing their income with InstallerTech installers by using our system for your high volume trial downloads.

Try us out and see why we have a 96% year over year retention rate with our software developers!




Our affiliated advertisers are software publishers who seek new distribution outlets. We offer these advertisers a high volume, quality, platform.

Advertisers select the maximum bid per install of their software. In addition to this, we foster relationships on a revenue sharing basis as well as whole product development allowing InstallerTech installers to have software that is unique and not available on any other platform.


What is my revenue potential?

The anticipated revenue per user varies wildly from $0.01 to $2.00 depending on geographic area and the stickiness of the user to the offers provided. This is not something that can be answered accurately in a FAQ. Please contact us for a proposal.

What is the reach and coverage of your network?

Our network is global and accounts for over 50,000 installs per day.

What information do you collect from users who have installed your programs?

No PII is collected in the install process. if any software collects PII it must be clearly labeled and request user consent.

What does the term "opt-in" mean?

Opt-In means the user has made a choice to install the software. We promote clear and concise disclosure and have lead the industry in promoting users rights.

How do you select the software developers, advertisers and web content publishers in your network?

Contact us for a proposal on how we can work together.

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  • Success Story

    We wanted to grow from 4M active users to 6M by our fiscal year end. We hit a roadblock. Installer Technology Co. helped us surpass our goal on time and on budget.

    Steven Powers, CEO, ContextU Group